“Be Still and Know”

There are times when the Lord will tell us to be still! There are times when He will tell us that in our stillness He is yet moving and working on our behalf. Sometimes we can get so caught up in fighting that we forget that there is “POWER” in just being quiet and getting still. As I was sitting in my quiet place I heard the Lord tell me that there is nothing that I have to do for the blessings to come through! Sometimes you have done all you could do and the Lord sends a word to just be still and know.

We are in a season now I believe where the Lord is going to reward His faithful servants for their obedience. Also in this season the one’s that have not obeyed and have turned from Him will pay the price. The Lord is sending comfort to the faithful and yet warning to the unfaithful.

I want to encourage you to just be still and know that the Lord is working on your behalf and all that you have prayed for shall come to past if you faint not. Psalms 46

Apostle Zandra Ross



This year the Lord is getting ready to pour out His blessings on those that have been faithful and them that will obey at all costs. There are people who didn’t believe who God said you were in 2014 and many wanted to block or stop what God was doing in your life. But, the one’s that stayed connected and could see in the spirit who you were. The one’s that supported you, prayed for you and blessed you are now in the “SPLASH ZONE” of your blessing. My God, I hope you caught that because many will miss it because of their nasty/jealous spirit. Oh, but I hear the Lord saying to get ready and those connected to you that stayed through the tough times and believed in you in your down times will be blessed too. I told my Pastor in Pakistan to get ready and I told Kenya here I come. I hear tidal wave of blessings, do you have your surf board saints? They thought you were too Holy, they thought you had lost your mind, they thought you cut the wrong people off, well “THEY” thought wrong! Watch God’s next move concerning your life baby, watch and see just how blessed you’re going to be. GLORY! Now, you can’t waiver, you can’t doubt God no matter what happens. I hear, only believe and you shall receive. Follow the instructions of the Holy Spirit in this season and be ready to move and shift into your “GREATER!” 

Apostle Zandra Ross